Settlers: Recent Jerusalemites’ uprising ruined everything we’ve done for the last three years

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Spokesperson of the so called “temple groups”, Abraham Bloch, said on Friday that the recent uprising next to Al Rahmah gate of Al Aqsa mosque ruined all what Israel has been doing during the last three years aiming for dividing the mosque.

Bloch stated that the Israeli police could control the courtyard of Al Aqsa mosque and control the existence of Palestinians, in addition to suppressing all confrontations during the last three years.

Bloch’s statement reveals that the settlers groups worked recently hard to control Al Rahmah gate and Judaize it. “Today, three years of trials, control, and work gone to waste”, he said.

Thousands of Palestinians prayed Friday prayers in the prayer room near Al Rahmah gate for the first time since 2003 after continuous trials by the Israelis to close it with chains. Confrontations and arrest campaigns were launched inside the courtyard to prevent the Palestinians of breaking the chains, however they succeeded to reopen the gate and pray again in this part of their mosque.

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