Settler’s racism almost causes Palestinian child to lose her eye

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Mariam Yaser Najeeb (10 years old) had almost lost her eye when an Israeli settler attacked her while she was playing in front of her house in the old city in occupied Jerusalem on Sunday.

Yaser Najeeb told QNN that his daughter was playing on her scooter in front of her house in the Al Wad street in the old city when an Israeli settler attacked and pushed her.

Mariam’s family and neighbors rushed to help the little child, whose eye was bleeding. When she was taken to a hospital, she had ten stitches and the wound was very close to her eye. “She almost lost her eye, God forbids”, he said.

After the attack, Mariam told her father that “I was walking and playing in front of the house but a settler came and pushed me.”

The attacker ran from the area after attacking the child but he was caught on surveillance videos that documented everything, according to Najeeb. He added that he will file a lawsuit against the racist settler, who dared to harm an innocent child only because she is Palestinian.

Najeeb stressed that it wasn’t the first attack by Israeli settlers against native Palestinians in the old city as they carry out daily assaults.

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