Samah Jaradat writes from jail: To joy we belong and for the sake of joy we die

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner, Samah Jaradat, sent a letter to her family from the Damon Israeli jail, in which she has been held for a month so far.

Jaradat ended her letter writing: “To joy we belong and for the sake of joy we die”.

The letter read: “I’m sending this letter from the Damon jail, which is located on the Mount Carmel. I’m fine and everything is OK. I miss you very very much”.

“During the interrogation, you were always with me in every moment. I was strong because of your strength. So, always be strong. I love you very much and I hope you are fine”, she wrote.

Addressing her parents and siblings, she wrote: “Dear father, take care of your health, Dear mother, I hope you are fine. Your hair was perfect when I saw you. Samar, Samer, Salwa, Sami, and Salma, I love you very much”.

“Mom and Samar, please don’t think of the details. Everything is good. All I want is that you be fine and in peace. send my greetings to everyone and take care of Loza and Simsim”, she wrote.

Finally she wrote, “I’m sorry for the costs and difficulties, which you faced. I promise I’ll make it up for you”.

“To joy we belong and for the sake of joy we die.. hoping to see you soon”, she finally wrote.

Israeli authorities arrested Samah Jaradat, a student in Birzeit University, on September 9. Her brother Sami was summoned and her lawyer was prevented from visiting her during interrogation.

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