Sada: Facebook used as incitement tool against Palestinians during Israeli elections campaigns

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli campaigns have been using Facebook as a platform to directly and indirectly incite against Palestinians and their rights, said Sada Social centre on Sunday.

After monitoring Israeli electoral propaganda on social media, Sada documented direct and indirect incitement against Palestinians and calls to deny them their basic human rights. Some posts even incite murder against Palestinians.

Sada Social centre stated that it monitored Israeli electoral propaganda made by Knesset candidates last April and reported violations to Facebook administration, which pushed Facebook to remove some posts and keep others. The move shows Facebook’s unfair and double-standards policy, which usually doesn’t do justice for Palestinians, said Sada Social

The centre also documented further violations during the electoral propaganda for the re election, and interestingly, this time Facebook administration suspended Netanyahu’s page.

Sada Social Centre stressed that it demands to deter Israeli officials from incitement on social media platforms and to apply Facebook’s policies fairly and clearly on all users without using double standards policy.

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