Sabri: ‘Israel’ planned to turn Mercy prayer room into synagogue

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, head of the higher Islamic commission in Occupied Jerusalem, warned that the Islamic Waqf could gradually lose control over Al Aqsa mosque.

Sabri stressed that the situation in the holy mosque is very critical, noting that Arab countries “abandoned Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque and encouraged the occupation [state] through normalization to continue its crimes.”

He added that the occupation state planned to turn the Mercy prayer room into a synagogue but the worshipers’ efforts to reopen it foiled the Israeli plans, which pushed the Israelis to prevent Sheik Sabri, as well as dozens of worshipers who insisted on performing prayers in the Mercy prayer room, from entry to the holy mosque.

In the same vein, 106 Israeli settlers, accompanied by Israeli police, broke into the holy mosque this morning. The attackers included 30 Jewish fanatics, who study in extremist religious institutions.

One of the settlers drank water from one of the mosque’s Sabeels, which are used by worshipers for ablution, provoking worshipers and causing tension.

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