Israeli strikes on Gaza after failure of Israeli Ironic Dome

Gaza (QNN)- Few hours after IOF leader confirmed failure of the Ironic Dome to intercept two Palestinian missiles fired at Tel Aviv, Israeli warplanes attacked several residential and non-residential locations in the Gaza strip on Thursday night.

The Israeli warplanes targeted locations in western and northern Gaza strip, including the new port of Khan Younes and a liberated settlement.

Al Jazeera correspondent said that Hamas has already evacuated locations before being targeted.

On the other side, sirens sounded in illegal settlements on the borders with Gaza strip, while a Mortar Shell hit Eshkol settlements compound.

The Israeli series of attacks comes as a response to two missiles fired at Tel Aviv by an unknown side in Gaza at. No Palestinian fraction adopted the operation, however the Palestinian Ministry of Interior said that the operation was out of national consensus and that it will take action against those responsible.

The Palestinian resistance fractions and Israel have been in a long-term ceasefire since the end of 2014 war on Gaza.

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