Resistance factions form support teams as part of government efforts to protect Gaza from coronavirus

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Resistance factions in Gaza confirmed that “it will remain in a permanent state of session as a crisis cell to back the efforts of the Ministries of Health and Interior to prevent coronavirus spread” in the besieged enclave.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the factions declared that “they will form volunteer teams in all fields, especially the medical, security, and social fields. All teams will be under the direction of the ministries of health and interior” in order to protect the strip.

“Protecting society is a collective responsibility of all the components of our people”, the statement noted.

“The real threat to our people is occupation, which threatens our land”, it stated.

The factions held the occupation state responsible for the lives of Palestinian prisoners as coronavirus spreads in the occupation state and the Israeli Prison Service continues to deprive Palestinian prisoners of their basic needs to avoid the virus.

“The Israeli measures of preventing visits and depriving prisoners of using cleaning supplies are crimes against humanity”, the statement stated.

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