Resistance drone targets Israeli military Jeep in surrounding settlement

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- An attack drone was sent from Gaza on Saturday towards surrounding settlements and threw an explosive device before going back to the enclave unharmed, according to Israeli media.

Spokesperson for the Israeli army acknowledged that an armored military vehicle was affected in the attack.

After the attack, Israeli forces targeted a monitoring spot for the resistance in eastern Rafah in southern Gaza strip.

In a separate incident, a stab attack was carried out in Azzoun town in eastern Qalqilya, leaving two injuries among illegal settlers.

Local sources told QNN that two illegals settlers were injured. The cases were evacuated to a settlement hospital. Israeli forces closed the main gate of Azzoun town and soldiers deployed in the area.

Both operations came a few hours after Israeli snipers sniped two Palestinian boys and injured 66 others, who were taking part in Gaza’s weekly protest.

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