Report: ‘Israel’ sold suicide drones to Morocco

Rabat (QNN)- The occupation state has sold “kamikaze” drones to Morocco in a $22m deal, reported Haaretz.

The deal involves the purchase by Morocco of armed drones from an Israeli state-owned aerospace manufacturer, Haaretz cited Moroccan sources who spoke with Defense News.

Defense News website cited sources in Morocco as saying that the deal comes as part of the normalization agreement between Morocco and the occupation state.

The Africa Intelligence website has also reported that the agreement includes the manufacturing of the Harop kamikaze drone in Morocco.

Harop is a 2.5-metre long unmanned “suicide” drone with a three-metre wingspan. It has the capacity to fly for seven hours and up to 1,000 kilometres, while carrying 20kg of explosives.

Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) has collected $ 22 million this year under deal with Morocco, according to Haaretz.

Yesterday, ‘Israel24’ reported that Morocco will establish two new units, which will be manufacturing Israeli drones using Israeli technologies.

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