Released prisoner: A massacre in Negev Israeli jail

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- Ex-detainee Muhammad Salaimeh (24 years old) said on Friday –after being released from Negev Israeli jail– that over 40 Palestinian prisoners were injured with bullets during Israeli repression.

Salaimeh told QNN that three military and prisons’ units broke into section (4) of the Negev desert jail to repress prisoners with heavy fire, stun grenades, and tear gas, causing 40-45 Palestinian prisoners to be injured with bullets.

He also added that canine dogs were released on prisoners and they were severely beaten with batons.

“All prisoners of the sections were injured. The simplest injury was with three live bullets, while others had broken arms and legs because of the severe beating”, Salaimeh said.

One prisoner had a serious injury after he was shot in his head.

“It was a massacre. We were all humiliated”, Salaimeh said.

He also added that some prisoners lost their teeth because of the severe beating and they can’t even eat now.

Salaimeh confirmed that the Israeli jails’ administration did not provide medical care to those, who were injured. Some bled for hours and lost a lot of blood, like Salaimeh himself.

The ex-detainee called on all concerned to immediately take an action to help Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli violent assaults.

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