Recent study: For each dunum the Palestinians have, 7.5 dunums go for illegal settlement in Jerusalem

Occupied West Bank (QNN)- A new study by the Land Research Center in occupied Jerusalem has stated that 2019 could be titled as the years of legitimizing illegal settlement, especially following the US announcement, which deemed the Israeli settlement legal.

The study revealed that for each 3.4 Palestinians in the West Bank, there is one settler living in illegal settlements. Meanwhile, the figures show that for each dunum controlled by native Palestinians, there is another dunum that goes for settlers.

The study also noted that the most dangerous figures were documented in occupied Jerusalem, where there is one settler for each 1.3 native Palestinians and 7.5 dunums that go for settlements for each dunum owned by Palestinians.

2019 has seen the demolition of 648 Palestinian structures while 730 other structures have been threatened to be demolished.

Nearly 68,000 dunums of Palestinian land were confiscated, 3553 dunums were damaged, and 15,670 trees were damaged in the same year.

The occupation state has also set 34 additional checkpoints, increasing the total number of military checkpoints that dismember what is left of historic Palestine to 888 checkpoints.

According to the study, the occupation state has built six new settlement outposts, approved 40 settlement plans, and announced intentions to approve 26 other plans to expand 47 settlements.

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