Quartet issues rare statement, condemns Israel’s advancement of new illegal settlement units

Oslo (QNN)- Envoys from the Middle East Quartet — made up of the US, EU, UN and Russia — issued a rare statement yesterday after a meeting in Norway of key donors to the Palestinians, including Israel’s advancement of new illegal settlement units.

The envoys said they remain deeply concerned by developments in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, including the advancement of new illegal Israeli settlement units, the untenable fiscal crisis within the Palestinian Authority.

They highlighted the urgent need for​ all parties, referring to the Palestinians and the occupation state, to take additional steps to address any outstanding challenges directly through fiscal and other reforms, as well as to avoid unilateral steps that exacerbate tensions and undermine the prospects for peace.

The envoys noted the pressing need to address the fragile situation in Gaza – with the support of all relevant stakeholders, including in the region – by ensuring continued humanitarian efforts and an easing of access and movement restrictions for people and goods.

The Quartet Envoys highlighted the urgency of the situation and the importance of taking constructive steps to advance a two-state solution. They further underscored the importance of respect for human rights and the actions of civil society groups.

They also agreed to work toward a resolution of the conflict and continue consultations with the parties and key regional actors.

“The envoys welcome steps announced by Israel to reach out to the Palestinian Authority and to assist with the fiscal crisis,” the statement says.

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