QNN: PA’s decision is an obvious violation of international standards

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- In a press release, Quds News Network (QNN) slammed the PA’s decision to block its website among other 59 Palestinian websites, claiming that they harm the Palestinian Authority and the civil peace.

QNN deplored the decision and said it “reflects the repression practiced against press”. It also stated that the decision is “an obvious violation of the international standards on the freedom of speech, which comes while the Palestinian content fights to survive from efforts by Israeli and social media platforms, which aim at eliminating it”.

“The network wonders about the reason why it was mentioned in this list again, as a similar previous decision by the PA attorney General was made against it back in 2017. QNN rejected the decision at the time and worked with rights groups to reverse it in courts”.

QNN urged the Palestinian government to guarantee the freedom of the press and facilitate all legal and technical measures to do that. It also demanded to stop all actions, which would lead to weakening or preventing the Palestinian narrative.

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