Protesting US settlement announcement.. Palestinians gear up for a day of rage in West Bank

Rammallah (QNN)- Palestinian factions today called for rallies and protests throughout Palestine tomorrow against the latest US position that considers Israeli settlements not inconsistent with international law.

Officials of various factions and parties in addition to the PLO, syndicates, unions, and Municipal Councils said that the protests will kick off with a “Day of Rage” on Tuesday, a day of protests to take place at military checkpoints throughout the West Bank.

Member of Fatah Central Committee and of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Azzam Ahmad, told Voice of Palestine radio that all the factions have agreed on holding the day of rage tomorrow “to speak in one voice and tell the entire world that our rights cannot be stolen by the occupation and to affirm our commitment to the national program of the PLO and its rejection of the American administration, which is biased toward Israel.”

He said the Palestinians are discussing calling for a special session for the United Nations Security Council and if the US uses the veto, then the issue will be raised at the UN General Assembly under the term United for Peace to condemn the last US pro-settlements declaration.

Jamal Muheisen, also a Fatah Central Committee member, told Voice of Palestine that the day of rage is only the beginning of a series or activities until there is a mass uprising against the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

The Ministry of Education said schools will be dismissed early tomorrow to allow teachers and students to participate in the rallies that are planned to be held in the centers of the major West Bank cities.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Usama Najjar, confirmed the readiness of all medical teams to deal with any casualties on Tuesday, and that they will be in the fields to treat the protesters.

On the other side, the Israeli army on Monday said that its forces are ready for tomorrow’s protests.

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