Prisoner Naser Jada’ suspends hunger strike following IPS compliance

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner Naser Jada (31 years old) from Burqin in Jenin suspended his hunger strike after Israeli Prison Service (IPS) agreed to determine the maximum period of his administrative detention to one year, which ends in July 2020.

Muhjat Al Quds Institution for Martyrs and prisoners assured that Jada’ was in a very serious condition two days ago due to hunger strike. He stopped drinking water, which caused him urinary retention and problems in his kidneys that made him faint and hit his head, which caused him to go into a coma.

Jada’ has suspended his hunger strike after 43 days, which is deemed as a new victory for prisoners against Israeli arbitrary administrative detention policy, which violates international law, said the institution.

Jada’, 31-year-old husband, was arrested along with his brother Ashraf last July under administrative detention without any charges. He went on hunger strike in August 8 to protest his administrative detention.

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