Poll: Only 37% of Israelis support human rights groups to operate freely, sharp decrease in support for freedom of speech

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Only 37 percent of Israelis said human rights groups should be able to operate freely, as reported by the Times of Israel, referring to a major international survey.

A Pew Research Center report published Thursday revealed that only 37% of Israelis supported human rights groups to operate freely, which was the lowest among all the 34 countries surveyed.

The survey also revealed a sharp decrease in the number of Israelis supporting the freedom of speech and internet freedom.

The 34-nation poll, conducted by the US-based Pew Research Centre from May-October 2019, focused on views of, and support for, democracy and democratic institutions.

Overall, support in the occupation state for a number of different characteristics of a healthy democracy was lower than the total median, including freedom of the press – backed by 46 percent of Israelis compared to a 64 percent global median.

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