Palestinians vow to rebuild house of Omar Abu Leila if “Israel” demolish it

Ramallah (QNN) – Official and popular parties have vowed to rebuild the house of the Palestinian martyr Omar Abu Leila had the Israeli authorities decide to demolish it.

“Abu Leila family will not be alone and we will stand with them,” Abdul Karim al-Zubaidi, Salfit mayor and head of the Salfit Joint Services Council said.

Al-Zubaidi wrote on his Facebook account that this decision “was taken after consultation with colleagues in the Council of Services and with Naim Choucair, the mayor of al-Zawiya town. ”

The occupation has long followed a policy of demolishing homes of the families of the Palestinian fighters, a step that aims to deter the Palestinian resistance in the future.

However, the last two years witnessed a significant increase in the number of operations carried out by resistance in the occupied territories against the Israeli army.

Demolishing houses isnt the only procedure taken against families of the Palestinian fighters.

The Israeli authorities deport or arrest the family members, and deprive them of travel permits.

The Israeli occupation forces executed last night 19-year-old Omar Abu Leila, a Palestinian freedom fighter who clashed with and killed three Israeli soldiers near Salfit city on March 17.

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