Palestinians to sue Israeli settlers in Airbnb lawsuit

Delaware (QNN)- The Center for Constitutional Rights is representing two Palestinian individuals, a village council, and a municipality to intervene in Silber, et al. v. Airbnb and bring counterclaims against Israeli settlers who sued Airbnb in Delaware federal court.

This would be the first time in which Palestinians will directly challenge Israeli settlers living on their land in a U.S. court.

The Palestinian intervenors seek to hold the settlers accountable for their role in war crimes, crimes against humanity, as well as unjust enrichment and trespass and detail their direct involvement in the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise.

“Anyone looking at the facts can tell that we are the rightful owners of this land, no matter how the settlers try to spin it,” said Ziad Alwan, a Palestinian resident of Chicago who has the document proving that the land is registered in his father’s name, even though a settler stole his land. “I am filing this lawsuit in my father’s memory, and for my own children, whom I’ve taught to never forget that this land is rightfully theirs.”

The Israeli settlers who sued Airbnb have unlawfully appropriated and occupied the properties they list on Airbnb.

By intervening in this case, the Palestinian intervenors – Ziad Alwan, Randa Wahbe, the village of Jalud, and the town of ‘Anata – seek to protect their interests in preventing continued dispossession and discrimination. They also seek to rebut the settlers’ claims that Airbnb discriminated against them when the company decided to remove settlement property listings from its platform.

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