Palestinian prisoners to protest against cancer-causing devices in their cells

Ramallah (QNN) – The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails have warned that the prisoners will take escalating steps in all prisons in the coming days if the Israeli Prison Services keep the cancer-causing jamming devices, they said in a statement.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement has said today that the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails intend to take major protest steps in the coming days to pressure the Israeli authorities to remove cancer-causing devices.

“Israel” installed and deployed jamming devices in all sections of the Negev (Ktz’iot) Prison in February 2019. The devices produce powerful radiation and stop radio and television signals from penetrating into the area.

The Palestinians prisoners said that since the devices have been installed, they have been suffering from headaches, depression, and fainting. These severe symptoms have appeared due to the dangerous radiation emitted by the devices.

According to experts, the devices can lead to “genetic deformities of human cells and cancer”. These devices might have caused cancer to the forty Palestinian prisoners, who are battling this disease, in Ras Al-Eid prison, they added.

“The occupation is trying to burn us and kill us through the devices, and we will stand up against them at any cost,” the Palestinian Prisoners’ Movement said in a statement in February 2019.

News reports have revealed that the devices were sent to the Israeli occupation from a Chinese firm Decipro Technology Limited. With 40 such units received by Netline Communications Technologies in Tel Aviv on 29 November 2018.

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