Palestinian prisoners to launch mass strike

Ramallah (QNN) – The Palestinian Prisoners’ movement has announced it will launch a mass hunger strike, in protest to the practices of the Israeli prisons’ administration, especially the installation of cancer-causing jamming devices.

“We are going for the strike to keep our dignity,” the Palestinian Prisoners’ Media Office quoted the movement.

The movement stated that it has already taken preparation steps for the strike by distributing “special recommendations to all the prisoners” in the Israeli jails.

“We didn’t choose the battle; it was imposed on us,” the movement said.

The Palestinian prisoners have been protesting Israel’s latest procedures against them for months. They have lately burned their cells in protest to Israel’s repeated and continuous violent raiding campaigns.

“Israel” installed and deployed jamming devices in all sections of the Negev (Ktz’iot) Prison in February 2019. The devices produce powerful radiation and stop radio and television signals from penetrating into the area.

Since the devices have been installed, the prisoners have been suffering from headaches, depression, and fainting. These severe symptoms have appeared due to the dangerous radiation emitted by the devices.

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