Palestinian prisoners: Four isolated prisoners infected until proven otherwise

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on Sunday stressed that they will consider the four isolated prisoners in Mageddo jail to be infected with coronavirus until proven otherwise.

“We call on all the free spirits and actors, especially those who can hep to free us, to exercise their effective role in order to save the prisoners. All means to rescue us are should be used”, the prisoners said in a statement.

The statement added that the change of the narrative of the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) came under its efforts to quell the anger of the prisoners, who denied their basic needs to protect themselves from the virus.

The statement added that the prisoners formed a crisis cell to check up on the health conditions of the prisoners and provide human rights organizations with the most recent information.

The administration of Mageddo jail had informed representatives of Palestinian prisoners on Thursday that a prisoner, who was interrogated by an Israeli coronavirus patient, was infected as well. The prisoner had been jailed with four other prisoners, one of them was released to the West Bank. The infected prisoner was jailed to section “5”, where nearly 70 prisoners are jailed.

The statement stated that the prisoner was isolated while the three other prisoners were jailed in another cell. The IPS claimed that they are not infected although of keeping them isolated.

The statement added that “it is suspicious because depending on the significant number of reports that we get about the way how they [the IPS] test and deal with the virus, it is impossible that they made sure that no one is infected within three hours only.”

“Wedo not believe the narrative of the IPS. The only ones, who can confirm or deny the infections are the four prisoners themselves. However, the Israelis prevented them from communicating with everyone including their families, which places the Israeli narrative under suspicion.”

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