Palestinian prisoners enter eighth day in mass hunger strike

(QNN) – The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails have entered their eighth day since they started the mass hunger strike in protest to the latest Israeli punitive measures.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said on Monday that there’s no agreement until the moment between Palestinian hunger strikers and the Israeli prisons’ administration.

The demands of Palestinian prisoners include providing a TV and a telephone in the prisons for conditional family contacts, removing the recently-installed cancer-causing jamming devices which have caused severe headaches and fainting among the prisoners, and stopping the intensive and violent raidings of the prisoners’ cells, which resulted in the injury of several prisoners by the Israeli bullets, tear-gas, or police dogs.

Head of the Palestinian Club, Qaddoura Fares, said that the Israeli administration stipulated certain conditions and restrictions, including that the prisoners can only contact first-class relatives through the to-be-installed telephone twice a week.

Qaddoura added that the prisoners in hunger strike decided to expand their demands’ list as long as the hunger strike continues.

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