Palestinian Prisoners Club: Israel arrests 22 mothers of 86 children

Ramallah (QNN)- The Palestinian Prisoners Club said on Thursday that the Israeli authorities arrest 22 Palestinian mothers of 86 children.

The Club revealed in a statement released for Mothers’ day in the 21st of March, that Israel denies some Palestinian imprisoned mothers of visits by their children and of embracing them or getting phone calls from them.

The statement confirmed that some of those prisoners are mothers of babies, who are sentenced to long prison time such like Nisreen Hasan from Haifa, who is sentenced to six years in jail and whose husband and children live in Gaza and have been denied visits to her since 2015.

Nisreen’s youngest child was only 8 months old when she was arrested, while her oldest is a girls, who was 11 years old.

Another prisoner is Fadwa Hamada from occupied Jerusalem, who has been arrested since 2017 and is sentenced to 10 years in jail. She is a mother of five children, the youngest of them was only 4 months old when she was arrested.

Lama Khater is another prisoner. Mother of five, the youngest of whom was only two years old when she was arrested.

Israel also has been detaining Amina Mahmoud Awdeh from Occupied Jerusalem since 2017 and she has been denied visits by her only son in Rimon Israeli Jail, who in his turn was 17 years old when she was arrested.

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