Palestinian prisoner conducts self-surgery using rudimentary tools

Ramallah (QNN)- Palestinian prisoner Khaled Makhamreh assisted by his uncle Taleb Makhamreh, who is also imprisoned at the Israeli Nafha desert prison, conducted a self-surgery to remove bullet fragment from his foot.

Makhamreh was shot by Israeli soldiers in his foot three years ago during arrest. Yet, the IPS has been stalling the whole time, which forced Makhamreh to remove the fragment himself using available simple tools.

Taleb Makhamreh succeeded to remove the bullet fragment from his nephew’s foot using 2 nail clippers, a razor, a clip, and sterile material only. The “surgery” was conducted in two stages in May 2019.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club said that this is not the first case; dozens of other wounded prisoners have been waiting for years to have surgeries, but the IPS keeps stalling until the patient reaches a very difficult and untreatable stage.

Taleb Makhamreh has been arrested since 2002 and he is sentenced to seven life imprisonments. His Nephew Khaled has been arrested since 2014 and he is sentenced to life imprisonment.

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