Palestinian child prisoner has to remove braces with nail clipper

Ramallah (QNN)- The young Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Maghalseh (17 years old) had to remove his braces with the help of other prisoners using a nail clipper, as the administration of Ofer Israeli jail refused to provide medical care for the child and ignored his repeated requests to get medical care.

Maghalseh had repeatedly visited the prison infirmary since his arrest in 24th February 2019 for suffering from oral sores and infections, according to the Palestinian prisoners club. After his pains became unbearable without any help from the prison administration, he had to remove the braces himself.

Maghalseh’s mother said that her son had put the braces one year before being arrested, and that the lack of medical follow-up caused him dental damage.

In the same context, the Palestinian prisoners club said that ‘Israel’ has never stopped weaponizing medical care against Palestinian prisoners, and it reassured that several other prisoners suffer from chronic diseases and that ‘Israel’ uses treatment to punish them or get confessions.

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