PA decision to block 59 websites including QNN’s

Ramallah (QNN)- The Palestinian Authority decided to block 59 Palestinian and Arabic websites, including QNN websites, following a Magistrate’s Court decision.

The decision, which was made four days ago but was revealed on Monday, was met with anger by Palestinians, who deplored it, especially that not even one single Israeli website is among the 59 websites, which will be blocked.

Saleh Na’ami, Palestinian writer specialized in Israeli affairs, tweeted: “Of course, Abbas will block Arabi21 [website] and he would die to provide a platform for Zionist journalists, who adopt anti-Palestinian opinions and who did not hesitate even to criticize Abbas himself and the corruption of his authority. If you feel no shame, then do as you wish”.

Osama Abu Yabes said: “Is it possible that they [the PA] will block QNN because it has more followers than the Palestinian national TV. channel? Unfortunately, while we demand Facebook to stop violations against the Palestinian content, a decision to block our websites is issued by our own people.. I am not against blocking pages, which propagate subversion.. but blocking the largest Palestinian News Network- QNN- on Facebook because it speaks out, that is militarization of media..”

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