On World Refugee Day… Nearly 6 million Palestinian refugees dream of their right to return

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- On the United Nations’ World Refugee Day on Saturday, nearly 6 million Palestinian refugees, scattered around the world, continue to seize upon their dream to return to their houses and lands, which were occupied by Zionist militia in 1948.

The Palestinian Nakba, which formed the basis for the creation of ‘Israel’, was for the Palestinian people the beginning of long-term suffering, where over 80,000 Palestinians were displaced in 1948 and over 200,000 others followed them in 1967.

Although of the Israeli mass murders and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people, the number of Palestinians has increased ninefold since the Nakba. In 2019, the number of Palestinians was estimated at 13,4 million; 6,64 of them live in historic Palestine while 1<60 of them live within the Green Line. According to statistics, 28.4% of Palestinian refugees live in 58 UNRWA refugee camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza. The cause of the Palestinian refugees is deemed to be the oldest and most tragic in the world. Yet, the international community and the world's major powers continue to fail the Palestinian people and support their occupiers. On December 11, 1948, United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 194, which states that “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.” Over 70 years later, the UN and the world's major powers continue to ignore the resolution, turning it into empty words and normalizing the concept of the armed resistance among Palestinians.

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  1. 750, 000 displaced in 1948 instead of 80,000.
    5.6 million Palestinian refugees, not 13.4 million.

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