On the first day of Eid.. Worshipers wounded and assaulted at Al Aqsa

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Dozens of Muslim worshipers have been reportedly wounded Sunday with rubber-coated metal bullets and tear and stun grenades during Israeli repression of Eid prayer at Al Aqsa mosque.

The Palestinian Red Crescent stated that 14 wounded worshipers were evacuated to Jerusalem hospitals. Most injured worshipers suffer from broken bones and cuts due to the severe beating by Israeli forces. Other cases of wounds by rubber-coated metal bullets and shrapnel of stun grenades in addition to suffocation cases have been also reported.

Israeli forces showered thousands of worshipers with tear and stun grenades during repression at the first day of Eid. The worshipers were at the holy mosque to perform Eid prayer and celebrate the most important holiday in Islam.

Israeli forces closed the Qibali prayer room, which is the major prayer room at the holy mosque, and trapped worshipers inside it. Israeli forces also arrested a worshipers.

100,000 worshipers flocked to the holy mosque in early morning and stayed even after completing Eid prayer to confront settlers calls to break into the holy mosque.

Two days ago, Palestine grand Mufti has declared that Eid prayer will be delayed for one hour after threats by Israelis to break into the holy mosque.

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