On Mothers’s Day: ‘Israel’ arrests 17 Palestinian mothers

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The occupation state holds 43 Palestinian women, including 17 mothers, in its jails, depriving them of a normal life with their children and families.

The Prisoners’ Association said in a statement issued marking Mother’s Day that “the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) denies some jailed mothers their children’s visits and prevents them from embracing their children or having phone calls with them.”

The statement added that female prisoners currently suffer from even harder conditions due to the measures taken because of the coronavirus spread. The Israelis stopped all family and lawyers visits while there are concerns that their lives could be in danger.

“Some of the female prisoners are mothers of infants. They were arrested and sentenced to months or years in jail”, the statement added.

Among the prisoners Rawan Samhan, who was arrested while her son was only 8 months old, and Isra’s Ja’abis, who was sentenced to 11 years in jail and suffers from severe burns.

The statement stressed that female prisoners are subjected to torture and assaults starting from they get arrested until being interrogated and jailed.

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