Numbers of Palestinians multiplied ninefold since Nakbah

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) revealed on Monday that Israel has killed 100,000 Palestinians and Arabs since Nakbah, which took place in 1948. Meanwhile, Israel has arrested one million persons since 1967.

A report issued by the PCBS confirmed that Israel has killed 10,853 Palestinians in the period between September 29th, 2000 to May 7th, 2019. 2014 was the deadliest year; 2240 were murdered, of whom 2181 were killed in Gaza.

In 2018, Israel killed 312 Palestinians, of whom 57 were children and three women. Yet, Israel continues to hold bodies of 15 martyrs.

The number of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails has reached around 5700 in the end of March, 2019. 250 of the prisoners are children and 57 are women.

In 2018 only, Israel arrested around 6500 Palestinians, of whom 1063 are children and 140 are women. 300 children in occupied Jerusalem have been sentenced to house arrest since October 2015, 36 of them are still under house arrest until now.

The Palestinian Nakbah and the aftermath of it changed the lives of millions of Palestinians. The ethnic cleansing, committed by Zionist militias, and the replacement of indigenous people with Jewish migrants from all over the world caused 800,000 out
of 1.4 million Palestinians to be displaced from their home towns and cities.

Zionist militias, which built the state of Israel, occupied 774 Palestinian vilages ad cities, of which 531 were completely destroyed. 70 massacres also have been committed against indigenous people, murdering over 15,000 of them.

The PCBS report revealed that the population of Palestine in 1914 was 690,000. Only 8% of the population were Jewish. Meanwhile, in 1948 the population of Palestine reached over 2 million, 31.5% of them were Jewish. This dramatic increase in the numbers of Jewish people are attributed to mass migrations, supported by the British mandate.

Although of the ethnic cleansing and genocides against Palestinians, the total number of them has reached around 13.1 million in the end of 2018, which means that the number of Palestinians has multiplied ninefold since 1948. 6.48 million Palestinians live in the historical Palestine.

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