Netanyahu vows to build new illegal settlement units in the West Bank

Salfit (QNN)- During a visit to the location of Sunday’s shooting against Israeli occupation soldiers in Salfit on Monday, Netanyahu vowed to build 840 illegal settlement units in the West Bank city.

“Tomorrow, we will begin building 840 ‘housing units’ in ‘Ariel’ in a new ‘neighborhood’ as was approved two years ago,” said Netanyahu.

The new settlement does not come as a response to the Sunday’s shooting, according to the Jerusalem post. It was approved two years ago and it was scheduled to be built now.

Salfit, the 204 km2-sized city of the occupied West Bank, suffers from 17 illegal settlements, which were built on stolen lands of Palestinians.

This fast and aggressive expanding of illegal settlements led to major problems such like pollution, land and water resources theft, and destruction of monuments, in addition to murder and vandalism by illegal settlers, who have full support by Israel.

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