Netanyahu visits Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron to flatter hard-liner settlers

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- The Palestinian Ministry of Waqf warned of the dangerous situation in the Ibrahimi mosque in occupied Hebron, as Israeli Jewish fanatics pitched tents in central Hebron in preparation for Netanyahu’s visit.

The Ministry stressed that Netanyahu’s visit is a dangerous escalation and provocations for Muslims, which would push the city into a religious war.

Manager of the Ibrahimi mosque, Hifzi Abu Sneineh, stated that the mosque is open for Muslims and denied news on closing it in preparation for Netanyahu’s visit.

Maariv Israeli website said on Tuesday that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, intends to visit the occupied city on Wednesday to take part in Talmudic rituals with other Jewish fanatics in the settlement neighborhood.

The website also said that Netanyahu will participate in rituals at the Ibrahimi mosque.

The Ibrahimi mosque witnissed back in 1994 a terrorist attack by a Jewish fanatic, which killed 29 worshipers and led to impose Israel’s sovereignty on the mosque, allowing more settlers to raid it.

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