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Video| Netanyahu says UAE and ‘Israel’ are ‘advanced democracy’, then deletes comment

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the UAE an “advanced democracy” before quickly removing the comment.

In a video of an interview of him on the Emarati Sky News Arabia that he posted on Twitter on Monday, Netanyahu said “Vastly. The deal connects the UAE with Israel; both of them are advanced democracies and their societies are advanced.”

The UAE is a hereditary monarchy in which freedom of speech and expression is routinely suppressed and dissidents are detained. Two of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum’s (the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE) younger children as well as his former wife, Princess Haya of Jordan, were reportedly abducted and abused.

The Emirates’ democratic rating is classed as “not free” and it has a score of only 17 out of 100, according to the US research group Freedom House which studies political freedom and democratic levels throughout the world. In regards to the political rights that the Gulf monarchy provides, it scored a mere five out of 40.

Political parties are banned and the leaderships of the seven Emirates themselves remain unelected and based on hereditary value.

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