Netanyahu fears a possible war with Hamas before elections

(QNN) – The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is worried that a war with the resistance factions in the besieged Gaza Strip might break out before the upcoming Israeli elections, according to the Israeli newspaper of “Maariv.”

A senior official in the Israeli government said to the newspaper that Netanyahu fears of a possible confrontation with Hamas movement before the Israeli elections due on April 9th. He added that Hamas movement is using Netanyahu’s fears to blackmail the Israeli occupation.

Netanyahu’s main goal at the current phase is to work to postpone a possible war no matter what, according to the official source.

Over the past three days, Hamas has stopped the “night confusion” units from demonstrating on Gaza borders at night, but the situation might explode if the Egyptian-brokered truce talks fail, added the source.

Moshe Ya’alon, former Minister of the Israeli army, said that Netanyahu endangers the state of “Israel” by his decisions regarding the Gaza Strip. Ya’alon thinks that Netanyahu must go for a war with Hamas to save his political reputation.

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