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Netanyahu calls politico report Israel spying on the white house a “blatant lie”

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli PM has flatly rejected a report stating that his government put devices that covertly collect cellphone data in Washington, D.C., near the White House. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office described Politico’s report a “blatant lie.”

“There is a longstanding commitment, and a directive from the Israeli government not to engage in any intelligence operations in the U.S. This directive is strictly enforced without exception,” Netanyahu’s office added in a statement issued on Thursday.

Donald Trump, asked by reporters on Thursday about the report, said he did not believe Israel was spying on the US.

“I really would find that hard to believe, my relationship with Israel has been great,” Trump said.

“I wouldn’t believe that story. Anything’s possible but I don’t believe it.”

The Politico reported that International mobile subscriber identity-catchers (IMSI catchers) – informally known as StingRays – were found near the presidential residence and by other sensitive sites across Washington DC during the Trump presidency.

These devices act like mobile phone towers, tricking phones into sending their location, identity information, and even call contents and data usage.

FBI counterintelligence agents conducted analysis to find out where they came from. “It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible,” a former senior intelligence official told Politico.

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