Muhammad Abu Reidah.. The Gaza child who was wanted to be a moving hunting target

Gaza (QNN)- Muhammad Abu Reidah (11 years old) was playing with his friends near the border between Gaza and the occupied land when an Israeli sniper directly shot his eye.

Before sniping his eye, said his mother, an Israeli soldier inside a military Jeep called his name, which made him run away to be a moving hunting target for the Israelis. They did not give him a long time to run as he was immediately shot under his eye and fell on the ground.

Muhammad Abu Reidah was sniped by Israeli soldiers, who preferred to see him as a hunting target instead of a child who was playing with other children.

The crime took place in eastern Khan Younes last Friday and Muhammad is now at the European hospital of Gaza.

“I was only standing with my friends”, said Muhammad. “I want my eye back and I want to play with them again.”

Muhammad’s mother told QNN that “Muhammad’s injury was directly under his eye. He cannot see now and he suffers from fractures in his nose”.

The 11-year-old child suffers from retinal hemorrhage and fracture in the nose and the upper jaw in addition to problems in his ears.

“The doctors are waiting for permission so that they transfer him to Al Najah hospital in Nablus or the Augusta Victoria Hospital in occupied Jerusalem as there is no treatment for his case in Gaza”, said his mother.

The bereaved mother called on all officials and activists to help her send Muhammad to another hospital so that he gets treatment and does not lose his eye.

“I have lost a child to cancer before and I don’t want to lose Muhammad’s eye too”, she said.

“The economic condition is very tough. I call on all institutions to help me cover the expenses of Muhammad’s medicine”.

Over 30,000 Palestinians have been injured by the Israelis during Gaza’s weekly protests, which started two years ago. Hundreds of them suffer from eye injuries and amputations.

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