“Muath’s eye”.. The world stands in solidarity with Palestinian blinded journalist

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Human rights activists and journalists launched a solidarity campaign for Muath Amarneh, a Palestinian journalist who lost his left eye when Israeli soldiers deliberately sniped it while he was covering confrontations in Hebron on last Friday.

Amarneh (32 years old), who works for a Palestinian media outlet, was the first to document the crime of executing Omar Badawi in Arroub refugee camp last week, which was probably the reason why the Israelis decided to punish him, shooting at his eye.

The hashtag #MuathEye trended in several countries, while many journalists and human rights activists in the Arab world and everywhere else tweeted and posted on the hashtag, showing solidarity with Amarneh and journalism and protesting against the Israeli crime.

Deputy Foreign Editor of The National, Jack Moore, wrote: “”The eyes of truth will never be blinded.”

Today, dozens of Palestinian journalists protested the shooting of Muath Amarneh, who lost his eye after an Israeli soldier fired at him last Friday.

He was wearing press markings. 60 have been hit this year. #MuathEye #عين_معاذ”

Etidat tweeted “Journalism is not a crime. Journalists should be able to do their job freely without being exposed to danger. #MuathEye #EyeofTruth”

Marathon runner, Muhammad Al Qadi, wrote: “When a photojournalist loses his eye, it almost means losing his job. The Palestinian photojournalist Mu’ath Amarneh has lost his left eye by an Israeli bullet that targeted him while he was covering the Israeli vioulations.”

Al Arab Newaspaper journalist, Hassan Khodari, wrote: “In solidarity with #MuathAmarneh, a Palestinian journalist who was shot by an Israeli sniper resulting the loss of his left eye”

Dr. Abdalhadi Alijla wrote: “The eye of truth shall not go blind. Today, I stand with the Palestinian journalist Moath Amarnieh. Imagine that you leave the house seeing your kids with your two eyes, kiss them, and say goodbye, going to work.”

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