Mourning murdered colleague.. Palestinian prisoners to refuse food for three days

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails announced three days of mourning following the death of the cancer patient prisoner Sami Abu Diyak (36 years old), who has died this morning due to the Israeli policy of medical negligence.

The prisoners decided to wear black and mention the name of their murdered colleague, Sami Abu Diyak, instead of their own names during the daily roll-calls.

This morning, the prisoners have announced state of alert and started making Takbir and knocking on the cells’ gates following the death of Abu Diyak.

The Israelis in return closed all sections in preparation for any confrontations.

The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners had warned months ago that Abu Diyak was in a very critical condition and that he would die any time due to the Israeli refusal to provide medical care.

Abu Diyak was sentenced to three life sentences and 30 years in jail. He had cancer due to an Israeli deliberate medical error four years ago, when Israeli doctors removed parts of his intestines causing cancer in addition to kidney and lung failure.

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