Moldova’s contested government announces move of ‘Israel’ embassy to occupied Jerusalem

Chisinau (QNN)- The Moldovan Filip Government approved on Tuesday the transfer of the Moldovan embassy in the occupation state of Israel from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.

The government adopted as well a decision that approves the agreement on the sale of the land for the construction of the headquarters of the US Embassy in Moldova.

Both decisions have been assumed by the Filip Government, which ensured that these are not blocked for a long term due to the political crisis in the country.

The decisions came directly after the Moldovan President Igor Dodon on Tuesday scrapped a decree for a snap parliamentary election that was hastily issued by his rivals through a high court maneuver, as two opposing factions tussled for control of the tiny east European country, which would threaten more instability for one of Europe’s poorest and most politically tumultuous nations.

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