MOH: Abu Hawwash is in very critical condition and we assume the worst anytime

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Representatives for the Ministry of Health said after visiting Hisham Abu Hawwwash, who has been on hunger strike for 136 days, that he is “in a very critical condition and we assume the worst anytime now.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, the ministry said that its medical crew made a clinical check-up for Abu Hawwash, which confirmed that Abu Hawwash is in a very critical condition and the worst could happen anytime soon.

The ministry said it formed a team, consisting of the Anesthesia and care consultant, doctor Naji Nazzal, and the Kidney and Internal Diseases consultant, Abdullah Al Khatib.

The ministry stressed that it has communicated with international organizations to pressure the occupation state in order to transfer Abu Hawwash to a Palestinian hospital, where he will get treatment.

The team said that Abu Hawwash suffers from blurry vision and he cannot talk. He also suffers from severe muscle atrophy and he cannot move. His cognitive capacity has been also affected.

“We tried to get the results of the medical check-ups, which were made for Abu Hawwash, and we could review the latest, which was made in December 16”, the team said.

“It stated that he lacks potassium salt and there is an elevation of liver enzyme in the blood. No further tests were made after that date.”

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