Ministry of Interior removes unexploded Israeli one-ton bomb from house in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- Staff of the Ministry of Interior removed on Tuesday an unexploded one-ton missile shelled by Israeli warplanes on Gaza during the recent aggression, according to the Ministry of Interior.

The MK84 bomb was thrown at a Palestinian family in Al Zaitoun neighborhood but luckily did not explode.

Director of the Department of explosives engineering, Major Medhat Batsh, said teams of the department took every precaution to secure the area. The citizens were entirely evacuated to protect them from any possible threats.

The Israeli army has been using several fatal types of bombs and missiles, including GBU31, which was used to eliminate the Sawarkah family in the recent escalation on the besieged enclave.

The Sawarkah family lost eight members, mostly children and women, when Israeli warplanes shelled their tin house with a 917 kg missile, which contained 400 kg of explosives. The missile is known to be used to demolish large buildings, however it was used against a tin house, wiping out the house and its residents and leaving a very large hole behind.

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