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MBS to Trump: Help us control the ME so that we recognize ‘Israel’

Saudi Arabia (QNN)- Saudi crown prince, Mohammad Bin Salman, promised to recognize ‘Israel’ and normalize trade relations with the occupation state if the United States help him “defeat Iran and take control of the Middle East”.

Bin Salman’s statement was made during a meeting with president Donald Trump in Riyadh back in May 2017, which was unveiled in “Frontline” documentary on PBS American channel on Saturday.

In the documentary, which was under the title “The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia”, journalist Martin Smith said that what Mohammad Bin Salman wanted at the time, as he was still deputy crown prince, was to ensure “the United States’ assistance in defeating Iran while supporting the prince’s ambitions to become the key player in the Middle East.”

In return, Bin Salman pledged to help Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which was the base on which the Deal of the Century was built.

The documentary featured the Washington Post’s military analyst David Ignatius quoting the Saudi Crown Prince, who stated: “I see a Middle East where Israel is a part of … I am ready to recognise and have trade relations with Israel.”

Ignatius added that Bin Salman’s proposal “tempted the US administration and became the focus of the plan that Kushner keeps on advocating”.

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