Mais Abu Ghoush.. Tortured until her parents could not recognize her

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- “We couldn’t recognize her face”, this is how the father of the Palestinian prisoner Mais Abu Ghoush described his daughter’s suffering at Al Maskubiyyeh Israeli interrogation center.

Abu Ghoush told QNN that the Israeli Shen Bet summoned him and his wife for interrogation at Maskubiyyeh center. They were placed in front of Mais, making her see them being arrested to psychologically pressure her.

In the brief meeting with his daughter, Abu Ghoush saw that his daughter seemed very exhausted but she couldn’t provide further details about the torture to which she was subjected as several interrogators were surrounding them.

Mais was subjected to 30-day-long torture at the Maskubiyyeh center. She was denied visits by her lawyer, who was, in turn, threatened to be disbarred if he reveals any details about the brutal torture to which Mais was subjected.

The occupation state had issued a publication ban on information about torture, which was practiced against over 25 Palestinian prisoners (including Mais Abu Ghoush) in Israeli jails. However, Addameer issued a detailed report, unveiling horrible details on the issue.

Addameer has revealed that the Israeli Shin Bet put Mais under military interrogation and tortured her. Two types of Shabeh (which is a torture method used for prolonged periods, entailing sensory isolation, sleep deprivation, and infliction of pain) were used against her, although she wasn’t proved to be related to any military action. She has been accused of taking part in student activities.

Mais’s father told QNN that “during the interrogation [with him], after being summoned to Ofer center, one of the interrogators threatened to sentence Mais for a life sentence. She asked me: how do you raise your children? why is your daughter very stubborn?”

Mais is a journalism student at Birzeit University. Her brother Hussein was killed by the Israelis, while her 17-year-old brother Suleiman is held under administrative detention.

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