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Macron says anti-Zionism and denying ‘Israel’s right to exist’ are antisemitic

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday reassured his support to the occupation state and re-equated anti-Zionism to antisemitism.

During a visit to the occupation state, Macron re-equated anti-Zionism and the denial of ‘Israel’s right to exist’ to antisemitism.

” That doesn’t mean we cannot disagree concerning government policies, Macron continued, but “the denial of the State of Israel is a contemporary form of anti-Semitism.”

Macron’s statement came during a visit to the occupation state for the fifth World Holocaust Forum.

Human rights organizations and activists have accused the occupation state of weaponizing antisemitism to silence human rights and pro-Palestine activists.

Zionism is a nationalist movement that espouses the establishment of and support for a Jewish state in historic Palestine. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl and formed militias that killed and expelled thousands of Palestinian indigenous people from their land in 1948 to create ‘Israel’.

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