Letter to the Guardian warn that freedom of expression is being repressed

London (QNN)- A letter signed by two dozen signatories and sent to the Guardian said that Freedom of expression on Palestine is being suppressed in the name of the controversial HRA definition of Antisemitism.

The letter, signed by Palestinian groups, eminent lawyers, academic experts on antisemitism, prominent British Jews and bodies, highlights the rejection of Tower Hamlets council in London to allow a bike ride raising awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people from using space in one of its parks.

“Tower Hamlets council’s decision dramatically demonstrates that freedom of expression on Palestine in this country is now being suppressed”, said the letter.

“This dangerous silencing now under way must stop”, it added.

Council workers have told the charity there was a risk speakers might express views which contradicted the council’s policies, according to the Guardian.

However, behind the scenes council staff raised fears of a “real risk” that the event and its organisers could be seen to have breached the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism because of references on their website to apartheid and ethnic cleansing. One official said there were concerns “not least because of the recent furour within the Labour party over Anti Semitism”.

Internal emails among the council workers also showed concern among council officials over quotes on the Big Ride website that described the Israeli treatment of Palestinians as ethnic cleansing and drew parallels between Israeli policies and apartheid-era South Africa.

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