letter from the longest-serving prisoner on his birthday

Ramallah (QNN)- The longest-serving prisoner in history, Nael Barghouthi, wrote a brief letter celebrating his 62nd birthday in Israeli jails.

“My birthday reminds me of the birth of every revolution that calls for freedom, and I feel like I’m reborn”, he wrote.

Barghouthi’s brief letter came on his birthday. He spent 40 years in Israeli jails, including 34 continuous years, which makes him the longest-serving prisoner in history.

Barghouthi was born in the village of Kobar in Ramallah in Octobeer 23, 1957. He was arrested first when he was 19 years old and got a life sentence and 18 years in jail. Israeli authorities refused to release him in any prisoners swap.

In October 12, 2011, Barghouthi was released in the prisoners swap between Hamas and the occupation state. He got married to ex-prisoner Aman Nafi’, however the Palestinian Authority rearrested him less than three years later and sentenced him to 30 months. When he was released the Israelis rearrested him and resumed his life and 18 years sentence.

Late in 2018, Israeli forces killed his nephew Saleh Barghouthi and arrested Saleh’s brother, Asem, and their father, Omar, and all family members. They also demolished both houses of Nael and Omar families and targeted all family members with assaults and routine arrests.

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