Lebanon’s army opens fire at Israeli drones which breached Lebanese airspace

Beirut (QNN)- The Lebanese armed forces opened fire Wednesday at two small Israeli drones, which breached the Lebanese airspace over Adasiyyeh and Kofor Kalla towns.

Lebanese sources said that the army opened fire at the drones but did not hit them before they leave the Lebanese airspace.

The Lebanese army has ordered to shoot at any drone as soon as they are visible to the naked eye, as the army does not have special radars, which can monitor such drones.

The Lebanese armed forces said that “a reconnaissance drone, which belongs to the Israeli enemy and came from the occupied Palestinian territories, breached the Lebanese airspace at 19:35 and flew over an army site in Adasiyyeh. The army dealt with it and opened fire, forcing it to go back to where it came from”.

“Another reconnaissance drone flew over Kofor Kalla for a while before leaving the Lebanese airspace towards the occupied Palestinian territories”.

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