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Kushner: Kuwait favors the Palestinians and this is not constructive

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Kuwait is taking a “very radical view of the conflict in favor of the Palestinians”, which is not “constructive”, said Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner on Monday.

During a briefing with reporters, Kushner claimed that” Kuwait has a very spongy history with the Palestinians,” referring to the PLO’s support for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War, when more than 400,000 Palestinians in Kuwait were forced out of the country.

“And now they are out there taking a very radical view of the conflict in favor of the Palestinians,” he said. “Obviously, that hasn’t been very constructive.”

Kushner also denied his country’s pressure on Kuwait and other Gulf countries to normalize relations with the occupation state although President Donald Trump said last week that he “expected” more Arab countries to establish diplomatic relations with the occupation state.

During the briefing, Kushner stated that the United States will not consent to Israeli annexations in the occupied West Bank for “some time,” preferring to focus on the Israel-UAE normalisation deal and wider regional peacemaking, in his words.

The United Arab Emirates has claimed that its move to formalise relations with Israel, announced on Thursday, put paid to an annexation plan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu casts the annexation plan – already dogged by disputes within his governing coalition – as temporarily on hold.

Senior Kuwaiti officials had told Al-Qabas newspaper that “Our position toward Israel has not changed as a result of the deal to normalize relations with the UAE”.

“The Kuwaiti position is consistent with its decades-old foreign policy approach in support of the Palestinian cause, as it is the premier Arab issue, and only accepting a solution if it is what the Palestinians accept.”

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