In Video| Israel’s Justice Minister boasts of Israel’s fascism

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- A new election ad for the far-right Hayamin Hehadash(the New Right) party featuring Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked in sultry poses, spraying herself with a perfume labeled “Fascism,” has the look and feel of a satiric sketch, echoing the 2017 “Saturday Night Live” send-up of Ivanka Trump in a mock commercial for the scent “Complicit.”

The ad is ostensibly ironic, mocking left-wing concerns about Shaked’s attack on whatever independence Israel’s judiciary still has.

The 44-second video presents Shaked as an elegant model in an ad for a fancy perfume called “Fascism”, with the seductively whispered phrases (in Hebrew) “Judicial reform,” “Separation of powers” and “Restraining the Supreme Court” — all meant to highlight her efforts to weaken the activist courts and give more power to the legislative branch.

The voiceover then says, “Fascism….” and Shaked adds, “To me it smells like democracy,” as she sprays the perfume on herself.

Shaked has been waging a systematic attack on Israel’s judiciary, especially the high court, habitually and falsely claiming that judges restrain the Israeli occupation army’s ability to kill Palestinians with impunity.

In fact, Israeli forces operate with near total impunity, having killed nearly 200 unarmed protesters in Gaza over the last year and injured thousands more.

Shaked presented a 100-day plan for reform in the judicial system that she intends to execute if reinstated in her post in the next government. Shaked said she intends to change the way Supreme Court justices are appointed: rather than have justices chosen by the Judicial Appointments Committee, the justice minister would present a list of candidates for approval by the cabinet and the Knesset.

In 2014, Shaked gained international notoriety for posting on Facebook a genocidal call to slaughter Palestinians, including women who her post described as giving birth to “little snakes.”

Source: Electronic Intifada

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