Israeli TV presenter attacked for calling Israeli soldiers “human animals”

(QNN) – An Israeli news presenter has caused outrage among Israeli Right Wing politicians after saying that the military occupation of the West Bank has turned the Israeli soldiers into “human animals.”

Oshrat Kotler, an Israeli news presenter on Chanel 13, said on her show last week, “They send children to the army, to the [Palestinian territories], and get them back as human animals. That’s the result of the occupation.”

Kotler’s remarks came after a report on five Israeli soldiers who were recently indicted for beating Palestinian detainees

Kotler received over 2000 complaints about her comments which slander IOF soldiers. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said in the aftermath of her ‘controversial’ comments, “I am proud of the IDF, I love them very much.”

Politicians of the Israeli Right Party said they would submit an official request to the Attorney General to try to indict Kotler under section 4 of the Defamation Law. Kotler is now facing a formal disciplinary hearing with Chanel 13’s executives.

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